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  5. "Nach robh e dona?"

"Nach robh e dona?"

Translation:Wasn't it bad?

February 15, 2020



Also how would you know if it was e is "he" or "it"


I think you would just have to rely on context, which is lacking in a single sentence. I am still wondering about when to use e and when to use i for "it".


Why is it wrong to say "Wasn't he bad"?


How are you supposed to know whether or not to use i for it or e for it?


I'm going to go out on a limb here. But since "dona" is not lenited that suggests the "e" is appropriate.

Is "dona" ever lenited?


It depends on whether you're referring to something that is masculine or femenine. i is femenine, e is masculine. Most words for inanimate objects are masculine in Scottish Gaelic, so using e will probably be what you want.


I think without context this is ambiguous as 'e' could equally well be he or it.

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