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  5. "Eu vou ao toalete."

"Eu vou ao toalete."

Translation:I go to the toilet.

April 30, 2013



Would "Eu vou ao banheiro" be correct/ the same as "Eu vou ao toalete"?


Yup. Restroom is the "banheiro público" but we call it just "banheiro". Some people refer to it as "wc" and a few others use 'toalete' (from a French word). This word is used in a formal way or by people who have a good knowledge of Portuguese and use it quite well. Its a polite word, 'banheiro' is a very simple and common way to refer to restroom. Some occasions (when you are at a fine place) it wouldnt sound good if you say banheiro, but toalete ;)


Muito obrigado! You always give fantastic explanations, thank you very much!


Thx... but my answers arent that good... any doubt, just ask ;)


Is there a difference here between "I go to the bathroom" and "I am going to the bathroom" ?


Not literal, but same meaning... that should be accepted

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