More content?

I’ve apparently reached the end of the course content as I’ve reached the unclickable gold owl. Can I expect more content to be added for Scots Gaelic?

February 15, 2020


That's all for now, but they will be updating it.

They have said they are currently working on additional material. I don't think any date was given though.

Contributors are working on sorting out the bug reports as its a new tree, but they also have started working on an expansion to it as well! :) Read CIMacAonghais's update here:

We are working away like troopers, but it takes a wee while to get it all ready. :)

Really appreciated!

I'm working my way through both Can Seo and Speaking Our Language but without making many notes or trying too hard to memorise anything (I can see there are some differences in spelling and usage anyway), and I can't wait to get the repetition exercises in the new stuff I'm encountering!

But I'll wait anyway. I'm sure it will be worth it.

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