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"He is not terrible, she is terrible!"

Translation:Chan eil e uabhasach, tha ise uabhasach!

February 15, 2020



Could someone please explain why "...e uabhasach" works but "...i uabhasach" does not work? Thank you for any insights!


As a note, the 'she' in this sentence ought to be ise. In this context, i on its own doesn't work.


You did not say why this is the case. I too am confused about when you use i or ise. Also e and esan.


I'm not sure why I never explained at the time, if I'm honest. You have to use the emphatic form of the pronouns when making comparisons such as above. In English, we don't have emphatic pronouns, but we do emphasise with our voices to have the same effect:

  • He is not terrible, she is terrible!

So you can't use i in the above explain because you are comparing the '"she" to e - it has to be the emphatic she (ise ).

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