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Is Latin good?

I started doing Latin (Like a few skills) and it seemed very easy. I know its still in beta, but is it good?

February 16, 2020



it depends - rather interesting


The course is very basic - but it gives a bit of an introduction.


Duolingo's course is a very good course to start with. Definitely keep studying it if you are enjoying it. When you've finished there will be plenty of ways to continue learning Latin if the Duolingo course has not added more lessons.


Hey Joe, I just gave you 164 lingots!


wow, you got a LOT of lingots!! (sadly, there is not alot to use them for :(....) Does anyone want anything else to buy from duolingo?? I kinda want something more to buy.


I gave all the lingots back to the guy. He ended up giving me 203 lingots so I found another post of his and I just gave them all back. I didn't need them. I already have 102


I always wanted to get a bit of an understanding of Latin. Thanks to Duolingo I can do that.


Me too, it is an interesting language

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