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"The student does not sleep, but writes."

Translation:Discipulus non dormit, sed scribit.

February 16, 2020



Can anyone tell me differences between the habet habes habeo etc?


habeo -> "I have" (first person singular)

habes -> "You have" (second person singular; when talking to one person)

habet -> "He/she/it has" (third person singular)

habemus -> "We have" (first person plural)

habetis -> "You have" (second person plural; when talking to more than one person)

habent -> "They have" (third person plural)

You can see a list of all the forms of habeo, habere at Wiktionary (at the current moment the Duo course only uses the present indicative active forms): https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/habeo#Conjugation


i have the text in German, but there with many mistakes!!

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