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  5. "Tha do bhean mìorbhaileach."

"Tha do bhean mìorbhaileach."

Translation:Your wife is marvelous.

February 16, 2020



Why is bhean sometimes miobhaileach and sometimes mhiorbhaileach?


...''your wife is marvelous'' = ''Tha do bhean miorbhaileach''. .... ''your marvelous wife'' = '' Do bhean mhirobhaileach'' When the adjective is directly describing the subject it is lenited.


I also have a problem with when to put in the "h" and when not. I tend to look at the form of the noun (or accompanying word) and match it.


Just leave out "tha"!


I put 'Your marvellous wife'. How can I tell the difference? How do you say 'Your marvellous wife'?


"Your marvellous wife" would be "do bhean mhìorbhaileach". Note that mìorbhaileach is lenited to mhìorbhaileach here because it is an attributive adjective describing a feminine noun, whereas in "Tha do bhean mìorbhaileach" it is a predicative adjective, so is not lenited.


Wow - I understand it as you describe it but how do you ever think of the difference on the fly ... as in ... when you are talking to someone how can you come up with the right way to know which adjective is which. I couldn't do that in English!!

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