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"Bidh mi a' faireachdainn sgoinneil Diardaoin."

Translation:I will feel brilliant on Thursday.

February 16, 2020



faireachdainn = feel and a' faireachdainn is the act of feeling. So should not the translation be ' i will be feeling brilliant Thursday" ?


I think either should be acceptable as they are pretty much interchangeable in English.


Amen to both of you. It becomes very frustrating especially when some questions accept either and some don't.


What's with the over-excited cartoons now 'saying' the phrases?


Can't you use this construction for the present habitual? How would you say I feel brilliant on Thursdays?


I don't know for sure but it may be that one Thursday is representative of all Thursdays, and so the example and what you are asking about may mean the same thing to a Gàidhlig speaker. I think the example could easily also mean "I will feel brilliant on a Thursday", which is similar to how a Gàidhlig speaker might treatthe word for Thursday in "Is toil leam Diardaoin", "I like a Thursday".


My guess is: Bidh mi a' faireachdainn sgoinneil diardoin. I'm not sure if there's a plural form for days of the weeks...

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