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  5. "An curran mòr."

"An curran mòr."

Translation:The big carrot.

February 16, 2020



If this is a feminine noun (assumed because it's not BFMP, and it's using "an"), then why is it not "mhor?"


Or is both 'am' and 'an' for masculine nouns...didn't occur to me exactly before.


Am is not used when lenition occurs, but it is a bit confusing to try to link it with gender. Better to say that lenition does not occur because it is masculine. Only then consider if you need an, am or an t-.


Why wouldn't it be "an t-curran mor"


The t- is only used in two situations:

  • When you would not expect lenition, and the word starts with a vowel
  • When you would expect lenition, and the word starts with a lenitable s (not sure if this has been covered yet, but the principle is only use it when you are told to use it).

If you are interested in the history, it used to be there, but it has simply been lost in most situations. Perhaps it will be lost altogether in another 1000 years.

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