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Arabic : Personal Pronouns (1)

A B1 B2 C1 C2
I أنا anaa أنا ana
You (1) أنتَ anta انتَ nta
You (2) أنتِ anti انتِ nti
He هو howa هو howa
She هي hiya هي hiya
We نحن na7no احنا 7na
You أنتما antomaa انتوما ntooma
You (1) أنتم antom انتوما ntooma
You (2) أنتن antonna انتوما ntooma
They هما homaa هوما hooma
They (1) هم hom هوما hooma
They (2) هنّ honna هوما hooma
A : English
B1 B2 : Standard Arabic
C1 C2 : Moroccan Arabic
(1) : Masculine
(2) : Feminine
In Magenta : Dual
In Deepskyblue : Plural

Moroccan Arabic and all other Colloquial Arabics are simplified Arabics

February 16, 2020

1 Comment


very good, but you do give some attention for slang. there no need to make new pronouns for colloquial accent. El-ha in hom has a dmah on the top of it, increases the period you say ha with dmah in hom will make it hoom

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