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"Cha bhi iad a' cadal a-nochd."

Translation:They will not be sleeping tonight.

February 16, 2020



This is not the normally accepted translation. It should be Cha bhi iad nan cadal a-nochd unless you put a very strained interpretation on what the English means.


can you explain the change from a' canal to nan cadal, please? helpful to have these pointers :) Moran taing!


Unfortunately it has not yet been covered in the course, although it is the normal way to say 'were sleeping'. It is used for continuous states, e.g. lying, standing, as opposed to the act of moving into a lying or standing position or going to sleep.

It is a compulsory contraction of *an an 'in their' so it literally means

They will not be in their sleeping tonight.

You will have to learn separate words for 'in my', 'in your', etc.


Yet another arbitrary “correct” response. Do please explain to me the difference between “they will not be sleeping tonight” (“correct”) and “they won’t be sleeping tonight”. This is generally a good package, but I’m getting really fed up with these arbitrary decisions. Remember that motivating learners is really important, especially when they are working on their own. I don’t suppose you employ a psychologist to advise you? It might be worth thinking about for the future.


I have do agree. Especially when were learning new words. Some of us are not that advanced yet

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