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"Tha am peann agam briste, feumaidh mi fear eile."

Translation:My pen is broken, I need another one.

February 17, 2020



What is the difference here - in two sentences from this lesson both translated as I need another one but one example was feumaidh mi tè eile and the other feumaidh fear eile.... help


One stands in for feminine nouns, the other for masculine. I forget which is which but it's in the tips for the lesson.


would someone be able to help me to understand why 'The pen i have is broken' is incorrect, thanks.


I could be wrong here in my understand of the English but to me there is a distinction as "the pen I have" doesn't imply ownership, just that you have it in your possession.

Am peann agam - my pen Am peann a th' agam - the pen I have (no ownership implied)

The second structure does not appear in the course yet.


It's not wrong.


Thanks for replying, the answer came up as incorrect. I think there must be a difference between the order of the Gaelic words to show the difference between 'my pen is' and 'the pen I have' ?


I'm not sure. I think it's just be overlooked as an answer.

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