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  5. "Bha i fuar a-raoir."

"Bha i fuar a-raoir."

Translation:It was cold last night.

February 17, 2020



How to distinguish between "it was cold" and "she was cold"?


Does one use the emphatic form of the pronoun: "Bha ise fuar a-raoir" or does that not work?


Seems like lots of new words in this section aren't highlighted so.


I am having difficulty with pronunciation of a-raoir and a' ruith. Any hints to distinguishing them?


Go to the section called 'words' under the 'more' section and listen to each word in its sentences provided. You can hear them more closely together (as opposed to a whole lesson apart) and it helps. That's what I've done (outside of distinguishing context) for pairs of words which I had trouble with - like 'a’ Ghàidhealtachd' and 'a’ Ghalldachd'.

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