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Cold Turkey Practice

Halò, a chàirdean! I wanted to share something that I'm finding really helpful.. I completed the tree recently and gratefully acknowledge the efforts of all who contributed to this amazing resource. I'm very hopeful that more content will be added before too long. Since then, in order to reinforce and retain the material covered so far, I've been going back through the practice sessions for each skill cold turkey (memory only, no notes or lookups) to identify my weak spots. I don't overthink it, but just answer with whatever bubbles up. It's a bit nerve-wracking doing it completely from memory but it starkly shows me (in red!) what needs extra practice and review. On the other side, I've been pleasantly astonished at getting so much of it right, even the spelling when I was a little unsure. I plan to continue doing this repeated 'from memory only' practice every day to build confidence. I would like to congratulate everyone else on their progress, wherever they may be on this journey together... Mealaibh ur naidheachd!!

February 17, 2020



I practice the same approach to ensure things don't slip too far - I also enjoy the added twist of the screw the timed practice provides. I use the practices to embed things and probably spend more time consolidating than new learning but it feels right at the moment.


I've been doing much the same thing, and like you sometimes I think "no way is that going to be right" and then when I click "check", it is! (Of course there are also the times when I'm going too fast and getting over-confident and make a silly mistake. Typing this instead of that is a popular one.)

However I've been doing this for a couple of weeks, and boredom has set in. It's the problem with the low challenge level of the practice lessons on the gold skills. I can half-remember things I did to get from the fourth to the fifth crowns which I could very much do with revisiting, but they never come up. Instead it's "type 'ball' in Scottish Gaelic" and easy multiple-choice questions I've answered a dozen times before. The same fairly easy sentences come up again and again, and the more difficult ones I want to practise never do.

I'm getting more out of my second account, which I opened to do the whole tree over again from scratch. But this time I'm only taking the skills to the 4th crown so I can still have the more challenging material available.


keep an eye on the "old" skills though! My skills fill themselves up, when I do newer skills! In Italian I don't mind, as I only rush everything to level 1 through to see where my holes are. Nevertheless a lot of skills have passed level 2 by themselves! That seems to be a problem many but not all users have (or have recognized).


Yes, some of the old skills have crept up to over 30% of the fifth level complete, but this doesn't seem to be happening with the skills further down the tree where it's more important. I've also been told how to get an infinite number of lessons at the 4th crown level without ever gilding the skill. No XP, but that is so not the point.

ETA: I notice that "Clothes" has crept up to 41% of the 5th crown complete, without me touching it. But that still leaves lessons open. And nothing beyond the first castle has advanced more than a smidgeon.

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