Valamikor régen, még a gimiben tanultam latint, és örömmel kezdtem neki itt. A kiejtés azonban úgy megdöbbentett, hogy néhány lecke után felhagytam vele. Kíváncsi vagyok, erről másnak mi a véleménye?

February 17, 2020


The pronunciation presented is not ecclesiastical or central European but quite understandable varieties of the restored or academic pronunciation. Some speakers have an American accent, some, perhaps, Italian. (I apologize for not replying in Hungarian.)

I just put that through Google Translate because I don't know that much Latin

Once upon a time, I was studying Latin in high school and I was happy to start it here. The pronunciation, however, shocked me to give it up after a few lessons. I wonder what else's opinion on this?

If this is what you said, I agree

Yes, I said this. Thank you very much.

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