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"Tha mi a' dol gu Inbhir Nis fhathast."

Translation:I am still going to Inverness.

February 17, 2020



Would this mean: I am still on my way to Inverness (my journey has begun but I'm still en route) OR i still intend to go to Inverness in the future. The English sentence is ambiguous. How does it sound in Gaelic?


It could mean both.

I think if I were using fhathast to show intention of travel I would invert it to say tha mi fhathast a' dol gu Inbhir Nis.


Not to split hairs, but might it be tha mi a'dol fhathast gu Inbhir Nis.


I am going to Inverness still - not accepted. Why?

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