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Hello! how to assign more lessons or levels per rubric?

how to assign more lessons or levels per rubric? it only offers me to assign 5 lessons for each rubric and then to move on another rubric. thanks for the help P

February 17, 2020

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You can create multiple assignments. Just click the "assign" button again. I have two of my classrooms working on articles of clothing, so I assigned "shopping," "shopping 2," and "shopping 3." (Today, when I reassigned, I didn't bother reassigning "shopping 1," so I took that out, and I added "shopping 4."

Oh! I see what you are saying. You want to have your students move up in colors on the same skill... Nope, you will unfortunately have to wait until the previous assignment has run its course. You will find that the skills are unavailable until the assignment is over.

Try experimenting with how many days you give your students for the first "level up a skill," and then re-assign it. The briefest amount you can give is one day. That might not be reasonable if you want the skill in your students' long-term memories, instead of making them cram. Slow and steady wins the race!

As for the XP skill, another educator and I are experimenting: If you assign say 100 XP and then two seconds later assign 20 XP, Duo seems to look at the one you assigned first.

I hope this helps!

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