"Die grünen Vögel sind wieder da."

Translation:The green birds are back.

April 30, 2013



I translated this as "The green birds are there again" which was marked as incorrect. I was wondering why "da" would only be translated as "here" in this case instead of "there."

April 30, 2013


Now accepted, 2018-08-25.

August 25, 2018


Along with the invisible green bears.

March 21, 2017


"The green birds are here again" should be also accepted, but it is not.

December 7, 2018


I'm having a brain block! Why is it grünen Vögel?. Is Vogel a weak noun, or it it accusative for some reason?

August 6, 2018


AzumiOhara's link is good. When the definite article (die) isn't in the nominative form (that would be der here), the adjective ending changes to -en.

Here's a little memory helper to go with it, from jess1camar1e:

-Big 3 get an -e (der, die, das) der alte Mann, das kleine Kind, die schöne Frau

-Changin' gets -en (plural and case changes) den alten Mann (accusative), der schönen Frau (dative), die kleinen Kinder (plural)

-No 'the'? Adjective takes over (no 'der' word or just an 'ein') Kaltes Wetter gefällt mir nicht (das Wetter). Ein guter Mann ist schwer zu finden (der Mann).

Note changin' means the definite article differs -- has changed -- from its nominative singular form (der, die, das). So feminine accusative, for example, doesn't get an -en: "Ich sehe die schöne Katze" -- I see the beautiful cat.

Also see this discussion here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/556140

August 25, 2018


Thanks for passing on the tip. Only trouble is I have to think through it every time I want to use an adjective before a noun, and that make my speech boringly slow!

August 26, 2018


I believe it is grünen because the declension of the adjective for plural nouns in nominative case with die article is -en. You can see the explanation here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Colors/tips-and-notes

August 12, 2018


Is "The green birds are again here " really wrong? If so, could someone please explain why ?

December 16, 2018
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