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  5. "She will be meeting George."

"She will be meeting George."

Translation:Bidh i a' coinneachadh ri Seòras.

February 17, 2020



Why not "a' ceilidh" as well as "a' coinneachadh"?


That is quite correct. It depends on what sort of meeting it is, as clarified here.

But note the correct preposition is air not ri. But even that is not common. Much more common is to use the word as a noun - it can be both, just like the English word visit

Gaelic Calque English
dèan cèilidh air make a visit on visit
cuir cèilidh air put a visit on visit
bi air cèilidh air be on a visit on be visiting
thig air cèilidh air come on a visit on come to visit
rach air cèilidh air go on a visit on go to visit



Is ri (with) required even though it was dropped from the English?


Yes. Think of coinnich as meaning 'have a meeting'.


If ri is required, pleaae ask for it in the English. Otherwise it is ambiguous.


No. There is nothing ambiguous. The point that they are making is that you have to know to put the word in in Gaelic even if it is not there in the English. If they put it in (which is actually more common in American English that the British English the course writers know) then you might think you could leave it out in Gaelic in the same way that you can leave it out in English. D

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