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  5. "the small tooth"

"the small tooth"

Translation:an fhiacaill bheag

February 17, 2020



When is the h inserted?


The feminine singular definite article causes lenition. This normally involves adding an h to constanants other than l, n and r.

Unfortunately the article is not normal and the rule for d, t and s will be covered later.

When you add the h you change the an to a', except for fh which is silent.

I apologize deeply that it is so complicated but it is not my fault.


I'm a learner too, but it seems that the "h" is inserted into the noun when the noun follows the definite article an/am/a'


Its saying there are typos in the words which are pre printed and which i can have no inout to?


irritating indeed


an and beag are given where fiacall should be inserted in between why the correct with am and bheag? can t change that!

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