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"Mo chreach, tha sin uabhasach."

Translation:Dear me, that is terrible.

February 17, 2020



is 'mo chreach' literally ± 'my ruin!'
(kind of a fun idiom)


In the tips, "Mo chreach" is translated to "Oh dear" or 'Oh goodness". I wrote "Oh goodness" here, and it was marked as wrong (the correct answer is "Dear me"). Why is that? Thanks!


Unfortunately, that sort of thing is quite common on Duolingo. Use the “report” button and it might eventually be accepted. However my experience with another language is that something can be reported numerous times by many people over many years and still not be accepted. For what it’s worth, I’d suggest that “good heavens” should also be accepted.


I wrote Tha sinn uabhasach but it was accepted. One letter makes a big difference.

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