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Number of repetitions per lesson


It seems that the desktop version of Duolingo recently received an update, which reduced the number of repetitions needed to complete a level. It's a welcome addition for many other languages, where the number of repetitions per lesson was very high, but for the Latin course my impression is that this went from being "just right" to "not enough" (e.g. only 4 repetitions needed to complete L5 skill).

I wonder if anyone else has a similar (or different) experience here?

February 18, 2020



I think you're right. I was doing 20 repetitions before and stopped working on L5 for a while; but now I'm back to working on them, I must agree with you.


I agree that it's not enough. For a while, I had 8 or 10 repetition for level 4 and that seemed like a good compromise to me. But unfortunatly, I'm back at 4 or 5 repetitions, so I'm not learning as well as I could or have to use work arounds (at the moment, I only finish a level 4 lesson if I didn't make any mistakes in it, otherwise, I click the x to close it before it registers the lesson and try it again another day).


When I went through the course it was about 20 repetitions at level 5. It seemed interminable! However, 4 repetitions would not be enough, espec. for beginners.

If you want more repetition, see if your "duome' page will help, altimin. You can practice skills at less than level 5 by clicking on the lesson names (which don't quite match the latest skill names always). For any skill, including those at level 5, you can use the dumbbell icon on the right of any lesson line to access Practice. If you have bought "Timed Practice" (which you should!) it is available from the dumbbell links as usual.

Format of the URL of one's duome page is https://www.duome.eu/_ONE'S_DUOLINGO_NAME_/Progress. Change "ONE'S_DUOLINGO_NAME" to whatever is appropriate, of course.

(FWIW, I really enjoyed the Latin course and hope it will be expanded soon.)

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