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"Iain agus Anndra, an toil leibh an taigh?"

Translation:Iain and Andrew, do you like the house?

February 18, 2020



I reported this, as i typed the correct answer a dozen times but it would only accept it when i missed a letter. It kept insisting i typed in English. Be warned.


Agree happens all the time. I actually typed correct answer in notepad and copied it to page. Lo and behold it said that it was correct even though when i typed it in originally in Dualingo it also told me that i was typing in English. Must be a bug.


If you added the word agam to the end of the sentence would that change the meaning to do you like my house?


Worked for me today


The Gaelic words were incomplete so couldn’t answer.


Can someone explain "an toil leibh" for me?

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