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Arabic font too small

I am using the iPad app. Arabic fonts are tiny - it is a problem, since in Arabic the shape of letters is nuanced. Having a "font size" option in an app is really beginner level in app design!

February 18, 2020



I agree. It's small on the desktop too. I'm sure if I were fluent it wouldn't be a big deal but I'm just getting started.


Yes, indeed! Using the app on an Android phone, I have difficulty reading the arabic letters. On the pc one can use browser magnification which works fine!


I find the same on Desktop. Even increasing the font size by zooming in on my browser, it is awful small. And there is a lot of empty space on the screen, they could easily increase the font size without the layout being too cramped.


It would be good if Duolingo gave you a text size option so you can choose which size you prefer.


It would be good if they tested this stuff to see if it were usable. I sometimes get the sense that the Duolingo paid staff dosen't even really test this stuff out with the newer courses in non-Western languages, because some of the stuff slides through that is so bad and so easy to fix that I can't think of any other explanation other than that they aren't even really having anyone with the ability and authority to make changes even look at or test out the courses before they go live.


I get a similar impression with Arabic. I am pretty advanced with the Portuguese course, which is a well executed product. Arabic there are some beginner mistakes, such as meaningless sentences: " The garage is a garage" for example.


The problem is everywhere :(

Even in the Word part of the web site, the word title is displayed very big but it is cropped and so some diacritics disappear (you can check this by copying the word then paste it somewhere else like Microsoft Word).

My family knows when I'm working on Arabic because I use a looking glass :-D


I use the app more than the website, and THE FONT IS WAY TOO SMALL! I wish they would fix this, as there is a lot if space available to use. On the website I can enlarge it, but this is not my preferred way to access Duo.


Yes, absurd the size of Arabic, I was excited to learn but once got passed after the alphabet and started going into descriptions it is impossible to read and make the words. 0 is my feedback, needs to be fixed.


I had the same problem. Now, I installed an extension to the browser that enhances arabic script. It's way more legible, althought a bit uglier. The one I'm using is Wudooh.


It is often too hard to make out even with 2,5x reading glasses, especially on the i-phone. Getting marked wrong because it is so hard to distinguish fathahs, dammahs and shaddahs is frustrating--as well as getting a headache as part of the bargain!

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