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[feature request] shortcut keys for special charachters

I'm using the keyboard shortcuts whenever possible. The only time I need to use the mouse is when adding a letter that does not exist on the US keyboard.

Could you add a shortcut (or keys combination) for each special character?

e.g. c,, = ç (typing c with two commas right after it)

e^^ = ê

e:: = ë

a~~ = ã

n~~ = ñ

a** = å

o// = ø (I'm preparing for Danish!)



July 11, 2014


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If you have an apple product you can hold down the letter (which will create a pop up screen with a series of letter variations) then press a number to get certain letters!

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For windows, the only thing that I ever did was use the ALT key. All you have to do is press ALT and then a series of numbers to get certain letters. Á, for example, can be accessed by ALT + 0193. The whole list of codes is available here: http://symbolcodes.tlt.psu.edu/accents/codealt.html


yeah, I know, there are many ways around it, including installing the "US international" keyboard, but it would be nice to have a solution structured into duolingo.

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