Gaelic Music!

Halo, a Chàirdean! Runrig is a band occasionally mentioned in the course (Is sinne Runrig). I was very curious, and I looked the band up. Well, here's a site where you can listen for free, along with a few other great Gaelic artists! Tell me what you think about Runrig below! :) Slàinte mhath!

February 18, 2020


There's a fair bit on YouTube. I like this one.

Also, I have just confirmed that it is Runrig playing the theme tune for Can Seo, the 1979 BBC TV learn Gaelic programme, which is also on YouTube.

Did you see my edit? About the Can Seo theme tune? I thought it was Runrig, so I looked it up and it was.

(Actually it's my favourite band Wolfstone doing the theme music to Speaking Our Language.)

Well, now I have! Thank you for these lovely bits of Scots culture! Super exciting! Was that too many exclamation points? Oh well! :)

No indeed, your enthusiasm is delightful.

You're very kind. :) Thank you!

Tha Wolfstone sgoinneil! They're also my favourite band :-)

When I lived in Sussex I used to cry myself to sleep over "The Braes of Sutherland". I've made a solo arrangement of it for one voice and recorder.

Actually, I really like "Morag's Reel". Can't think why....

I have an iPod stuffed to the eyeballs with Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Mahler, Bruckner and so on, and the playlists end "Wagner, Wolfstone".

A beautiful and quite haunting song!

Wow, I wonder how many people in the world have Wolfstone next to Wagner in their playlists! :-)

Well, it works alphabetically...

Speaking of alphabetically, I have my beloved Chopin stuffed right between Cars, The and Cure, The. :)

Saw them last night in Inverness - real blast from the past and fantastic!

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    Tha an t-òran sin sgoinneil! I wondered who sang it. Tapadh leibh, a Mhòrag!

    At first I thought, oh what stereotypical heuchter-teuchter music, but then it sort of grew on me, and someone puts on a Runrig record in the second episode, and given the antiquity of the programme (1979) I began to realise who it was.

    I will say,though, that this channel also is full of non-Gaelic artists, much do my disappointment.

    I like this! Thanks for sharing!!

    This is my Gàidhlig Spotify playlist. It's a work in progress, but I can especially recommend Mànran's Òran na cloiche, which is probably my favourite song on the playlist.

    Looks great. Thank you!

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      "Julie Fowles" on spotify.

      [deactivated user]

        I have a collection of Gaelic music on spotify. It's under the name People of the Gaels Sheila Robertson Choma.

        I "discovered" Runrig in 2005. I was looking for music for a new iPod. I've been a fan ever since. "The Mighty Atlantic" blew me away. Right now that iPod is playing "Hearts of Olden Glory." Runrig also led me to other Gaelic groups. Rawlins Cross from Nova Scotia, Wolfstone, Albannach is amazing, and the Red Hot Chilli Pipers.

        Do you know what the Runrig song that is the signature music for Can Seo is all about? I can't understand a word of it.

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