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  5. "Is there lightning?"

"Is there lightning?"

Translation:A bheil dealanaich ann?

February 18, 2020



Grrrr. I am "confused" with this 'structure" + ann, no "i"... My problem -- I'll review and 'study' it more...


Why is there no 'i' used here


Because there is no reason for any i, as i means 'she, her, it', none of which occur in this sentence. So I am not quite sure why you would want an i.

This sort of sentence can be confusing because the English word there is used in different ways. In this sentence, where it is at the beginning, it is a sort of dummy pronoun – it does not really refer to anything. You often get ann at the end of a sentence in Gaelic when you get there at the beginning in English. It's a bit like here or there when placed at the end of the sentence, saying where something is, except that it does not refer to anywhere in particular. You could think of it as meaning 'in existence'. Then this sentence becomes

A bheil dealanaich ann?
Is lighting in existence?

Does that help?


Ah ok I see. Let me go a few more lessons with this in mind. It seemed like there were some others very similar that had the 'i'. Always appreciate your responses :)


Maybe you are thinking of some other weather sentences where it has to be explained that the weather is feminine:

Tha i blàthIt is warm

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