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  5. "The pepper is tasty."

"The pepper is tasty."

Translation:Tha am piobar blasta.

February 18, 2020



Why is 'pepper' spelled piobar here, but sometimes piobair?


It was a wee mistake made in the first tree. In the nominative case, the word is spelled piobar. :)


Thank you! I love the course, I absolutely don't want you guys to think I'm being critical, I appreciate all your hard work.


Without seeing the sentence you got piobair from, I'm unsure. However, piobair is the genitive form of piobar. I'm unsure if that's what you've seen. Genitive case marks possession, and is what the name of that little apostrophe s at the end of words in English is called when something owns another thing.


Hi, thank you for answering. it wasn't even in a sentence, it was in one of the three picture card choices you get very early in a new skill. I went back through the first food skill and found it and took a screenshot, but I don't think there's any way to upload that here. I guess it's just a typo then? I only noticed because the first time I see a new word I cut and paste it to a word list I keep for future reference, and I had it spelled 'piobair' there.


Sounds like a typo to me.

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