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"Ese gobierno no tiene límites."

Translation:That government does not have boundaries.

July 11, 2014



I'm afraid that someone who translated "boundaries" as "limites" was not aware of the fact, that these words denote two completely different notions in mathematics (which is science, I assume). That's so deceptive. A limit (as in: lim sin(x) / x when x tends to infinity or an inverse limit in category theory) is "un límite". A boundary (in topology) of a set is the intersection of closure with closure of the complementary set (often denoted as bd), Spanish speakers call it "la frontera".


If it's talking about the UK government then it has no limits in how much it can cut public services.


This same sentence also applies to the Trump administration and the GOP controlled Senate.


This is a bit confusing in science subject matter to be using a political example.


I feel that gobierno should have been translated as "rule" here, its in the available definitions for the word, but the answer was rejected


Having spent twenty years setting maximum acceptable limits for substances in drinking water I can easily relate to the complaint that "the government has no limits " (for substance x, y or z in drinking water.) or "no boundaries" when it comes to setbacks between a water source and a source of contaminants.


How did this one slip in? It's about politics! This sort of thing happens all the time in Duo. It could be easily edited out...


Estos cálculos científicos son muy precisos!!!!!!!!!!


why is "has" accepted, but "have" is wrong, when tiene is good for both?


"Tiene" only translates to have in cases where "usted" is the subject, because English does not have a distinction between formal and informal when it comes to the second person. It's all just "you have". Since "usted" isn't the subject here, and "government" is a singular third person noun, "has" is the only appropriate translation.


That government has no limits


How would one say "the government does not have limits nor boundaries" in spanish.

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