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Submit translation button greyed out.

I am unable to submit any translation to articles. I also noticed that the button to save changes in setting is as well inactive.

August 3, 2012



Hi antilopa,

I have been able to submit translations but unable to save changes after I submit them. If I exit out of that particular paragraph, then go back in, then I can save changes/edits.


Can you send us a screenshot to feedback@duolingo.com


Hi cat77043,I haven't managed to submit any translation yet since the buttons are inactive. going out and then back in again to the paragraph does not help either. I sent the screenshot to feedback@duolingo.com. Hope it will get solved. i'll just go on with my lessons for now. :)


I am still not able to submit translations, it is really a pity. any advice?


same problem here has it been sorted yet?? might it be due to my language level?


Can you send an email with a screenshot to feedback@duolingo.com


It never got sorted for me either, i have to use a different browser (it doesn't work on Firefox) if i wish to submit translation.

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