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  5. "One, two, four"

"One, two, four"

Translation:tááłaʼí, naaki, díí

February 19, 2020



WTH? I was marked right for typing "tááła'i, naaki, díí", but with a corrected answer. "Pay attention to the accents. tááła'í, naaki, díí" Can anyone see a difference between what I typed and the supposed correction?


They spelled dįį wrong


Not me. How do you get your phone to do accent symbols?


iPhone can do just about all of them by holding down the corresponding letter for a second as you type (i.e., hold "i" to get a menu for í, l to get a menu leading to ł). But tbh, I do all my duolingo on my laptop.


We should keep in mind that this is a beta version. Some websites have to use images to reproduce the letters. When I've copied some to Notepad, they didn't show up or were changed. So this is doing something kind of new. And then life happens for everybody, so we can allow for issues any of us might deal with. I think hearts are in the right place, so I prefer to suggest and feedback knowing this will all be worked out.


Me too... I'm pretty sure this is a bug caused by the variety of apostrophes that folks' phones and computers default to, so it's not our fault. I clicked "Report," > "Something else went wrong," on 6/21/2021. It's progress - a lot better than rejecting a correct answer as wrong, but it surely shouldn't be saying there's a typo as it did for you, or repeat the same answer as "another correct solution," as it did for me today, for such a silly reason!


I can't put a l splash


dį́į́' = 4 when Googled!!!!! -_-,

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