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"Tha mi a' coinneachadh ri mo mhàthair."

Translation:I am meeting with my mother.

February 19, 2020



In this one, the "with" is translated, but it wasn't in another. Does it matter which way we do it?


My question as well. Looking back over my notes, I see it both ways several times, so I think it doesn't matter? : )


Im not a native speaker of English, so pardon my question: What's the difference between "I was meeting my mother" and "I was meeting WITH my mother"?


It's a subtle difference, indicating (perhaps?) the importance of the encounter. I'm not sure there is much of a difference in English. Different languages have different nuances.


I thought "mo" was used only with body parts and things you own. Am I wrong?


It's used for things which are very close to you. It implies an intimate relationship with something as opposed to just something you have.


One is inalienable (mo), I think, while other is not. Your arm is inalienable, and your mother is always your mother, even if you're estranged.

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