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Ich arbeite mit Deutsch!


Ich wollte zu der Duolingo Gemeinde sagen, dass ich ein Arbeit in einem Fremdsprache Büro gefunden. Ich muss täglich mit deutschen Kunden sprechen, sondern kann ich nicht alles verstehen. Es ist sehr schwer für mich, aber ich will gerade es versuchen.

Ich studiere Deutsch seit 2.5 Jahren und es ist manchmal sehr schwer um die deutsche Dialekten zu verstehen. Aber Duolingo hat mir im Moment geholfen. Ich wollte es danken, weil ohne es, das nicht möglich sein könnte.

Well, I am pretty amazed of how far I have gone with my german. Three years ago what I thought about german was like: it is incomprehensible for me. But now I have completely changed my mind and I find it beautiful language, not so strong as many people say!

However, sometimes is really bad because I struggle so hard to understand it, but I know that there will be some rewards that are waiting for me!

July 11, 2014



Duolingo works... i can understand about 70% of that text and the rest... well you can simply deduce it.


Congratulations on your German proficiency! I studied 6 years in middle and high school and remember getting to Germany and being told "We can speak English - my English is so much better than your German!" I would reply, "You can talk to me in English, but I will speak to you in German." It is only through continually using it that we get better! Good luck!


This happened to me in Italy, after 9 years of studying it. Quite disheartening to speak in Italian, but just get a reply in English. Quite rude really, what if I didn't speak English...


Only correction: in Germany (and many other countries) they use the comma instead of the decimal point, so it would be "2,5 Jahren". Aber gut gemacht, dein Deutsch ist besser als mein ist.


"...dass ich ein Arbeit in einem Fremdsprache Büro gefunden." I think you would also need the auxiliary verb: "haben" -- it would be: "gefunden habe". I think it can be easy to forget if you have a subordinating conjunction ('dass') that pushes verbs to the end.

Also, did you mean: "... das nicht möglich wäre" instead of "sein könnte"? Ich könnte sein means "I could be". But in the context of the sentence, I think you're trying to say: "Without it, it would be impossible."

Overall, though, your German is quite good! It's very accurate indeed. =)

EDIT: Ah, and I just realised: "um die deutsche Dialekten zu verstehen." You should put a comma before the "um" clause. It also goes for an "als" clause, etc.


Well done. Übung macht den Meister! :)

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    Awesome! Keep up the hard work! I hope I can use German in my professional life some day.


    Congrats! keep up the good work :)


    Strong effort, keep it up man! And don't feel bad about the dialects - I'm a "Nordlicht", that is, I come from northern Germany, and I don't understand some dialects either. When talking to southern colleagues one sometimes has to politely take the piss: "Können sie das bitte noch einmal auf Deutsch wiederholen?" ;)

    Obviously not something to try on a customer.


    Hee hee. "Once again, please, and this time in German."

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Viel Glück mit Ihrem Job. Duolingo hat mir auch viel geholfen.

    By the way, I'm really proud of myself that I understand everything you wrote! Ihr specht fließend deutsch!


    Vielendank! Ich bin sehr zufrieden.

    Thanks so much! It's a hard path but it is worth it.


    I am able to understand around 90% what you wrote in Deutsch, and what you said is a great encouragement to me~ Danke


    Don't stop learning! Listen German a lot works well for me, because you can try to recreate the patterns that natives do. Und dann es ist nicht so schwer wie es scheint! :)


    But how is a beginner supposed to find the Deutsch audio documents? I mean any recommendations please?


    On the internet you can find useful websites where you can listen to german poadcasts or short videos. I don't know if I'll breake some site rules (i hope not) Just an example: type dw on google


    Ich gratuliere Sie. (?) "Ich studiere Deutsch seit ... Jahre." Nice for me to see that usage. It's the same in Portuguese, which I'm getting a kick out of contrasting with the English pres perf I have studied... since.... ! Cool! I studied German for 6 years in High School, and am finally getting back to it thanks to the DuoLingo community!


    Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


    Sehr gut und Glückwünsche! Ja, Ich benutze Deutsch viele Tage für Arbeit. Mein Beruf arbeitet mit Daten und Ich mitarbeiten bei Leuten von alle Länder (besondere Deutschland). Ohne Duolingo, würde ich nicht die Daten meiner deutschen Kunden verstehen. Vielen Dank Duolingo!


    Herzlichen Gluueckwunsch! Das is sehr wunderbar! Ich auch habt viel danken fur duolingo! tchuss


    congrats! it sounds like you have come a long way, i hope to get to your level with some hard work!


    Wow! Today I logged in on my laptop version to find this post that I wrote soooo long ago! Well, it still amazes me that I was so happy and that so many people supported me, even though we are "online" language learners and we do not know each other!

    Was könnte ich sagen? Dass ich mit Deutsch so viel gearbaitet habe! Ja, ich besuchte Deutschland in den letzten drei Jahre so viel, dass ich ein bisschen besser dieser fantastichen Land weiss! Ich studiere immer Deutsch, weil ich viele Grammatikstrukturen lernen muss, aber ich kann Deutsch sicher sehr gut Sprechen!Ich spreche jetzt fliessend Deutsch!

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