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i have just completed the latin tree BUT we have not reached past or future tenses yet.

please could the course be expanded and extended to continue its good work ?

February 19, 2020



Be patient, the course is still in beta and they won't be able to expand the course until after they get out of beta. It's likely going to take a while.

Until then, there are a few discussions that mention other good resources to use while learning Latin.


Hi, I'm glad you've gotten through the course. Couple things; we're still in Beta, and literally cannot extend the course until it's graduated. Additionally, other tenses are planned, as are additional voices, moods and complex grammatical structures.


Yeah Latin is still in beta so you will need to wait for added features. I to hope they add more soon.


how long did it take you?


About 3 weeks, had a viral fever so plenty of time


There's no passive voice either, nor subjunctive mood, nor many of the things (ablative absolute, indirect statement) that people may remember from their school-days encounters with Latin.


Are students really learning how to use subjunctives correctly, though?

Some jussive or hortatory subjunctives, as vocabulary items, wouldn't be so difficult to learn: eamus , let's go!, utinam veniant , if only they would come, etc.


No, but very few courses I've seen, attempt to seriously introduce the subjunctive super early. OLC and Wheelock's hold off for quite a while. I was pointing out that there were subjunctives in the course. But they'll be focused on more later.


That's great to hear.

I was only reflecting the sentiment that the velim and velis as used here are, perhaps, misleading for the student of Latin, since there wasn't a "politeness" level that required, for example, a "je voudrais" form for requests of food and such.

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