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Arabic letters too small, some Arabic characters come out as either a number 2 or 3

Same issue. LOVE that there is an Arabic language course on Duolingo, but still has a couple of bugs that everyone is pointing out.

Letters too small: On MacOS running the latest Chrome at least the Arabic letters in sentences are tiny, like about 6pt font. And yes, I could CNTRL+ to blow everything up but then I am looking at giant 60 point English letters and 11pt Arabic which is just silly from a UI POV.

3 and 2 are not letters: Some Arabic letters don't display, hamzah displays as a "3" and another letter displays as a "2" which I can figure out, but doesn't really help to learn the language.

Again WONDERFUL that it's here, but please fix the bugs.

February 19, 2020



And no, in normal written Arabic, such as a newspaper, Arabic fonts appear the size of English characters. There is clearly an issue that the Arabic web font used has a relatively smaller size that is not consistent with the display size of English fonts on the same page.


yes the 2 and 3 is because they don't have like the letters for Arabic, or the way u pronounce the letters also u already posted this

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