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  5. "Leute, bleibt bitte ruhig."

"Leute, bleibt bitte ruhig."

Translation:People, please stay quiet.

July 11, 2014



The worst sentence to use to actually calm people down :)


is it also valid to say 'Leute, bleibt ruhig bitte'? I don't understand the word ordering here.


I don't know much, but I think "ruhig" must be at the end, that way you emphasize the important part: quiet.

My question is: Could it be "Leute bitte, bleibt ruhig"?


I think the verb needs to be second in a sentence (articles and prepositions not counting of course)


this is possible, but usually you would rather stress the "ruhig" by putting it last


Just wanted to observe that this is an imperative form, while the skill we are supposedly studying is present tense.


"please be quiet people" should be accepted as a valid translation


If bleibt is in the imperative why isn't it "Bleiben Sie bitte"?


I'm not sure what you mean.

Bleibt! is a command addressed to ihr and Bleiben Sie! is a command addressed to Sie. They're both (effectively) imperative but both exist.


In English we would say 'everyone', not people. 'Everyone, please stay calm' or, more likely 'Please stay calm everyone'.


After Duolingo the rigt verb should be 'be', why not 'stay'? 'Stay calm' is ok, or not


stay calm would be my first choice.


Can anyone help with the word order after the comma please? Why not "bitte bleibt ruhig"?


Both is possible, there are many ways to say this :) I am a native speaker and to me "Leute, bleibt bitte ruhig" or "Leute, bitte bleibt ruhig" sounds more natural than the translation from duolingo.


Thank you for commenting. It's so nice to hear from a native speaker... especially when the preceding comments all started with "I think..."


Is this the most common form used in germany or is any other more used?


How can one know if rhuig as used here is calm or quiet down in the sentence? Duo accepts and suggests both, but if i actually needed to use this when speaking to people in an emergency room would i be asking them to quiet down to hear me better or asking them to relax? Or are there different words for the more active "get a hold of oneself" in the sense of in an emergency poeple need to calm down.



"be quiet" = "avoid making noise", "be calm" = "don't worry/don't be upset"


Why is the imperative not used here? Bleib???


It is but people/guys is plural.

[deactivated user]

    The English sentence sounds unusual. I think the more usual expression is "keep quiet".


    "People, please keep silent" was not accepted. Why not? Instead, Duo gave "People, please stay quiet" as correct.

    I think that keep and stay could both be used in this context. And I read in a dictionary that quiet as adjective can mean Making or characterized by little or no noise - that is, can also be a synonym of silent. So...?


    I would never address a group of people as "people", unless I wanted to make a distinction between people and some other group (e.g. dogs??). I'd say "Everyone". Also "keep quiet" is the common phrase not "stay quiet".


    The "bleibt" here is addressing to "Leute" in the context of "euch" / "you all" right? Otherwise, it would be just "bleib" for just a person in the context of "du" ?


    That's right, you would use "bleib" to address a single person (informally). Also note the third form "Bleiben Sie bitte ruhig" for addressing one or multiple people formally.


    Folks, remain calm, please. That's how I translated this sentence and it was accepled. Jan. 13,2021


    I really wanted to do "Okay, guys" for "Leute", but I know it would be marked wrong.


    people please be quiet

    always use the idiom. we never say "stay quiet"


    What I don't understand, is why "bitte" is in the middle.

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