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Transliteration issues

I am struggling a little with the course, on account of the way it is presented. I appreciate that I am learning a new alphabet, something that I'm used to (from learning Russian). However, characters are inserted into the course without introduction. E.g. ع, which is transliterated into a "3" (presumably because that's what it looks like), but on hearing the pronounciation, this character performs all manners of backflips, somersaults etcetera around the Arabic A sound. Whilst I can deduce the meaning of the diacriticals (such as what is shown above جُ (adding an U sound), it would help if a comment on ALL of these were included in the tips with a lesson.

I reiterate the general complaint that the typeface for words is way too small - I have to magnify the text to 240% to be able to make out letters and diacritical marks. I may sound negative, but these comments are meant to be constructive.

February 20, 2020

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I completely agree. They should teach us how to pronounce the letters before just throwing them on us without any introduction.

By the way, ع represents a voiced pharyngeal fricative, if that helps.

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