"La donna scrive all'uomo."

Translation:The woman writes to the man.

May 1, 2013



Is all'uomo the shorter version of allo uomo? Do I use allo with masculine and alla with feminine nouns? Help is appreciated :)

June 8, 2014


Ciao :) there you go, the connection between a and articolo determinativo : il-al, i-ai, la/l'-alla/all', le-alle, lo/l'-allo/all', gli-agli . hope this helps.

June 13, 2014


oh god, of course, this is so logical and easy! how could i misunderstand it? thanks for the help! XD

June 19, 2014


what is so easy about

June 2, 2015


no problem :)

June 19, 2014


I sense a potential love story...

November 30, 2014


Dear John...

October 24, 2016


Is there a grid somewhere showing pronouns, prepositions, and these pronoun-preposition mixes, by gender and number?

December 9, 2013


I have an app called Italian verbs...quite good in this regard. Has grammar list for this and tons of verbs with what I'm assuming to be the most used verbs at the top...and u click them for their full conjugations.

November 14, 2014


Good girl! I think she has a crush on him <3

July 12, 2015


Must be Tatiana.

May 25, 2017


Why isn't there a 'the'?

March 13, 2017


This is annoying. One of the explanations in another discussion topic (sorry, I didn't take the reference) is the use of "dall'orso", where the man goes to the bear. The explanation is that the preposition changes if the subject is "a living being", in that case a bear, but surely this also applies in this case. Would someone please clarify the rules regarding the use of this preposition : The man goes to the bear - L'uomo va dall'orso The woman writes to the man - La donna scrive all'uomo. It may be they are interchangeable, I can accept that, but if there is a rule regarding changing the preposition, then either "to the bear" is wrong or "to the man" is wrong.

September 13, 2018


This man's pronunciation is unclear. His z sounds like d, and uomo sounds like duomo. The woman is much better.

January 15, 2019
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