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Harry Potter

Now that I'm doing this Latin course, I'm noticing lots of Latin words in the Harry Potter series. For example: Remus Lupin's name means "Wolf Wolf". So he's Wolf Wolf the Werewolf.

February 20, 2020



I regularly make fun of the Latin in Harry Potter (and most YA fiction) with my students. Not that I don't love the books, it's just often easy pickings. Things like exspecto patronum I wait for a (financial) protector/patron or Occulus repairo I (eye?) fix. References like Remus Lupin or Severus Snape are cool. Also Rubeus (red) and Albus (dull white) are Latin words as well.


I've also become more aware of words coming from Latin in other languages in general. I think some of those connections flew over my head when I was learning Latin in school.

And though I knew about the meaning of Remus Lupin's name before, it still always cracks me up: "Wait, Wolf Wolf McWolferson is a werewolf?! I never would have thought that!!!" XD


While "lupinus" means wolf-like, I'm not aware of the name "Remus" meaning wolf. Remus was the twin brother of Romulus, the founder of Rome. According to legend, they were abandoned in infancy and suckled by a she-wolf. That's the wolf connection for the name Remus. In other news, I seem to remember there was a translation into Latin of the Harry Potter series. Maybe it's still around, could be good for intermediate reading practice.


I seem to remember there was a translation into Latin of the Harry Potter series

First off, that would be extremely cool. But would the spells and names be in... English?


"Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis," you can still find it at Amazon. Perhaps they improved the Latin of the spells...


My Latin teacher said the Latin translation of Harry Potter is Harrius Figulus.


Fun fact: Lupa shewolf is a euphemism for prostitute. Who is actually the one who found and suckled the boys.


Latin appears everywhere in books like "Panem" in hunger games means bread! And the Latin "Prima Rosa" (primrose) means "first rose"!


Collins is bad with Latin too though regrettably. For example, Avox, are the people without tongues, but that should be Avoce, and there actually are a couple Latin words which specifically mean "person with their tongue cut out" I recall there being more that I used to poke fun at, but I only remember that and the country being accusative for some reason.


Expecto Patronum! ✨✨


Wow! I didn't realize that!


Snape. Snape. Severus Snape.



That's an amazing realization. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I believe "Wingardium leviosa" is kinda Latin too

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