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Speaking into microphone

I'm learning French. Since today there is a change and I can't get past the exercises where I have to speak into my microphone. It just does not accept anything I say. It now asks me to say "Ils se combattent." and it claims I say "You surf zumba." which is nothing like the original sentence. Is it something I am doing wrong or is it a bug in duolingo? Is anyone else having this problem?

July 11, 2014



I just started duolingo 4 days ago and I am definitely having this problem. It's really frustrating to lose hearts after it fails to hear me, or when I give up after 10 tries and skip it. If you find out a way to fix this let me know!


Same problem here. It does not recognize any of my microphone options - USB head set microphone, or Webcam microphone.

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