Saw someone go from 8,000+ points to over 11,000 points in minutes. Kinda makes the competitiveness worthless...

February 21, 2020


Take a look at their page (so add their username at the end of that link). Click on "raw" above their progress. If it moves in huge steps and/or the person finishes more than one lesson in the same second, chances are that they are cheating. (An example for that can be seen in this post: )

If someone really seems to be cheating, you can report them under this link (taking a screenshot of their progress on duome can help):

And yes, people cheating or gaming the system really take the fun out of it. I have someone in my league who got over 8000 XP last Sunday, so I already know it's pretty pointless to try to reach the top of the league just by learning. :/

When I go to the link and type in the user name, it brings up someone else

Hm, that's strange. Did you go to their profile here on duolingo and copy the name in brackets? Because it can sometimes be an issue if that name is different from the one that shows up on the leagues.

Put the name in brackets and then it came up. Thanks

You're welcome, I'm glad that worked!

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