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Will Duolingo expand the Arabic course?

Current course is rather short and disappointing compared to lengths you can learn on other languages. It covered as much content as I learned in one course in college. It seems like there is a lot more that could have been developed for this.

February 21, 2020



Try the ArabBee app in the meantime!


Yeah - I've learnt some Arabic in the past from Berlitz, so had hoped for something extensive, but was surprised its so short. I was also hoping to find some farsi, but no luck their either.


They will probably expand. I am just waiting for that to start.


i have also completed duolingo arabic course but i have dissatisfied. Because this is too short course and there are main sentences. i think that duolingo should add short stories in arabic and exercises with reading in arabic without vowel point.


I wish there were stories in Arabic... not just in (Spanish, German, French, Portguese). I find the Spanish ones are really good and would love something similar for Arabic.


I would also like to learn Arabic deeper. Developers, expand the couse of Arabic and make the characters in sentences bigger. That would be a big help :) Thank you very much in advance!


I feel the same. This course was indeed beneficial for me since l have learnt to read arabic but I am very short with the capabilities to talk. Stories shall be welcome and helpful.


The larger font size since last weekend is great! I don't know why it was released in the tiny font size in the first place. I can finally read what is on the phone or laptop screen! Helps stay motivated!


Hello everybody, I was wondering why I can't proceed beyond the 4th checkpoint? The course is already finished?


Course far too small, got to golden owl without learning enough to be useful. Dissapointment.


I am on pro. Time has come to duolingo Team to declare their intentions. Is an expansion expected soon or we should shop elsewhere? I have finished 3 weeks ago and practice again and again every day. I can read now, thanks, but must do more. DUO TEAM, CAN WE HAVE YOUR COMMENTS? PLEASE. Eitan


I am earnestly waiting for "Stories" to come in.

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