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How do we stop Duolingo from giving the answers during Tap the Pairs?

When we are in the middle of figuring out difficult pairs in a language that uses an unfamiliar and challenging script, the last thing we want is to be given the answer by Duolingo.

How do we make it stop?

Provide a way for us to ask for hints if we want/need them but please don't give solutions if we don't ask.

This is annoying AF for people who enjoy the challenge.

February 21, 2020



Begin by taping the English word.


I guess the only solution would to be to mute the audio for those particular questions. Edit: I'm assuming you mean the questions where you match the characters to their respective sounds.


No it's not audio. After x seconds of no response from the user, it colors in blue the white backgrounds of a matched pair.

I get that they don't want people to feel overwhelmed and give up, but ironically it puts intense time pressure on a student who does not want the solution spoiled.


Right, the matching characters to sounds exercises.


After x seconds of no response from the user, it colors in blue the white backgrounds of a matched pair.

No kidding?! I've never noticed that! What is the value of x? Perhaps I've never waited that long. I usually don't wait more than about a second before picking the right one. Once in a while I miss it but it lets me choose again.

I'll have to try that experiment. I'll click on one and time it to see how long it takes to turn blue.

Okay. I just did a timed test and by the time I got to one of the "select the pairs" exercises I had 1:16 on the clock. I clicked on one and waited. And waited. And waited. The clock ran out. So it gives at least a minute and 16 seconds. Then I thought that maybe it was because I was doing timed practice, so I did a practice without a timer. I click on one and counted: 1 mississippi 2 mississippi 3 mississippi. After 60 mississippis I decided to put it out of its misery and move on.

It doesn't seem to be giving me the right answers. Which is fine. (Like you, I wouldn't want it to.) I just don't think this feature is enabled in my version. I'm using Firefox 60.9e on Windows 10.

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