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  5. "There are seven men."

"There are seven men."

Translation:सात आदमी हैं।

February 21, 2020



Would "yaha saht admi hai" also be correct? And does it matter to leave off "there"?


यहाँ सात आदमी हैं would be 'There are seven men here'.

How else will you construct the sentence without the expletive 'there are'? Something like 'Seven men are present' perhaps?


Hm... yes thanks... I get the difference between "there, there are seven men" as in spatially they are over there and "there are seven men" existentially. Good. But how to tell the difference really... I guess in the end no big deal.... you can read "there are seven men " both ways.... nhin? :) . Maybe English is more ambiguous than Hindi in these matters.


Ah..I get your question now. The Hindi sentence सात आदमी हैं only means that the seven men exist. To say that there are seven men over there (spatially), you'd need वहाँ.


The full words are not given


what do you mean?


Incomplete sentence


That's not the case... it is a complete sentence, Hindi or English. There (as in they exist) are seven men..... Yes you could also say "Vahaan saat aadamee hain" which would literally mean "THERE, there are seven men".... meaning over there, that's where the seven men are. But the seven men exist, they simply ARE, then this sentence is correct and complete. :)

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