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"This dog is tired, praise be to God."

Translation:هٰذا الْكَلْب تَعْبان اَلْحَمْدُ لِله.

February 21, 2020



Why praise be to God?? It's tired!! Thats bad actually


Or is good because the owner is also too tired to run around with it


The way it was explained in another sentence, the term "praise be to God" is used not in a religious context, but one of relief. The English equivalent would be "Thank God, the dog's finally tired!"


Actually, it's a religious context. It's more than a "relief" expression. It's from the Quranic verse. Although many people have turned الحمد لله into merely "that" expression, this sentence is not.


That's what I was saying. Maybe they mean that this is a good thing because it wouldn't attack them


I was thinking about the same thing by the way


"At last it's stopped running round the house barking and jumping on everything. We'll get some peace now!"


Two positive contexts I can think of: - The dog is tired, bless him (he looks so cute when he's trying to stay awake after the long walk) - The dog is tired, thank God (rather than sick as we first thought)


I've been meaning to ask: why are the two "ل"'s in لله so short? Why aren't they are tall as regular ل ?


When you connect two letters in arabic they don't look the same. Such as تا، با، صا، بي، لا، لله.


Don't you think ,the meaning is weird.

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