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Diamond league

For the last two weeks I am stock in the Diamond league because it is the last one!!!! It is not fair that Duolingo has not work out what to do when you arrived to the end and also I have in gold all the Arabic tree and there is nothing else for me! (snif...snif....)

February 21, 2020



there aren't many options. Either you stuck in the diamond league, or your rank resets to the bronze rank (again) and start all over again. Or they can pick up guys from the diamond league to help them further develop the Curriculum


Send them an email or something to talk about the next league after Diamond. If you finished everything in the arabic tree try learning more on a different website or try to learn more in real life.


Many thanks.... I am arranging with my Arabic lady neighbor. I am correcting her English and she is correcting my Arabic... but it would be also good if Duolingo had anything to carry on!


No problem! I also agree they should at least give you some advice on how to continue our studies.

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