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Extras for gaelic

Halò, I am curious as to what the future is for Scottish Gaelic?

Will there be an option (similar to the Spanish version) to translate/read a story?

I thought it would be great if there were traditional folk songs added and the learner could translate. Listening to the songs by Julie Fowlis, I’m trying to follow along and get familiarized with how the words sound sung versus spoken.

Even if there were short stories to translate / read that would be helpful, but the songs would be more exciting.

Tapadh leat :)

February 21, 2020

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Hi, that will be very much a decision for Duolingo staff and not ourselves in the contributor team. I love the thought of stories for the Gaelic course, but it is only staff created courses that have them at the moment. (Gaelic is volunteer created). Can thoroughly recommend the resources on LearnGaelic.scot to compliment the course.

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