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Problems with wanting to connect to Facebook?

I work in an elementary school with ELL students. I use Duolingo for my basic newcomers with little to no English language ability. I just got a set of siblings and so I tried to set them up and account. I had great difficulty trying to have the student log in through google to type in the class code because I would get a message saying "waiting to contact Facebook" I finally after about 45 minutes got her logged in and wanted her to start the first intro lesson, once again I got the same message, Waited for about 8-10 minutes and she was able to do the first intro lesson. The girl enjoyed the lesson and wanted to do more. So I tried to have her click on intro lesson 2. The message comes up again in the lower left hand corner, "waiting to contact Facebook". Is anyone else experiecing this issue for student computers where social media is blocked? My own work computer does not have an issue because social media is not blocked for teachers. HELP!

February 21, 2020



Quote: I had great difficulty trying to have the student log in through google to type in the class code

Why don't the pupils create a direct Duolingo account which is based on e-mail?

There is no need to use a Facebook or Google Plus login to connect to Duolingo!
Several users had the problem that they couldn't use Google to login to Duolingo.

If you might be using a direct Duolingo / e-mail account:

Just install a good addon in the browser like "uBlock Origin", uMatrix and setup rules which libraries / JavaScript calls Duolingo.com is allowed to use.
If the connect to Facebook is the problem, try to block those calls and see if the website still works or not.


Have you already taken a look in the Troubleshooting(English) forum for other threads which have been maybe posted about:

  • Google (Plus) login issues (I have seen some in the past days)
  • lesson freezes / freezes regarding to Facebook timeouts? (this is something new to me)

For technical issues the Troubleshooting forum is probably better monitored.

You can also take a look on the status page for current incidents (if they are posted by staff): http://status.duolingo.com/


I have never ever had any message dealing with facebook with... Let's see... Over the years I have had maybe 500 students logging in for the first time? Thomas.Heiss said something interesting -- Are your students not making their own accounts? Have them use their school e-mail, unless your school doesn't like them to do that.

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