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  5. "Do bhean mhìorbhaileach."

"Do bhean mhìorbhaileach."

Translation:Your marvelous wife.

February 21, 2020



Why is the mìorbhaileach lenited here when it isn't in "tha do bhean mìorbhaileach"?


Because only attributive adjectives change in Gaelic to agree with the noun and predicative adjectives never do.

That means that adjective changes depending on the gender, number, and case of the noun only when it stands next to the noun to describe it, like in:

  • a’ bhean bhochd – the sick woman,
  • na balaich bheaga – the small boys,

but the adjective always stays in the base form when it itself complements the verb to be:

  • tha a’ bhean bochd – the woman is sick,
  • tha na balaich beag – the boys are small.


Wow, clarity! I cant go wrong noww. Thanks much for this.


For the record, noww is always spelled with two dubyas when one uses big fingers on a small Galaxy.


Thank you for the super fast reply, I'll go away and digest!

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