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    How are you? I'm learning hindi because originally I'm for India! My parents were born in Surinam and I was born in the Netherlands. The language was never thaught to me (in a good way atleast). So I hope to gain some skills here. I grew up watching Bollywood movies ofcourse so I hope the language will be easier to learn as hopefully I will recognise it. Maybe some of you have some tips? Wish all of you out there goodluck!

    February 21, 2020



    Hindi is an awesome language. Stick with your reasons and motivations, they are great.
    I became nearly fluent in French and started Welsh because they are my heritage.

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      Thank you very much! That's very nice, I hope reach that level to. Great to hear!


      You will reach top levels as long as you want to and have some passion for it. It's wonderful to learn the language of one's parents or ancestors.
      There are many things to do with it. You may want to teach Hindi some day, or become an interpreter; not to mention visiting India.

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        Passion is not missing, was really excited to see Hindi on Duolingo! Visiting India is definitely on the list.


        similar case, but i began at the age of 51. there are very few resources, Duolingo hindi is very short. For developing speaking skills i like Pimsleur, but again they have only the first 2 levels, while other languages have 5. now i am learning vocabulary with Glossika. it has errors and wrong sentences, but it is the best for learning vocabulary. In hindi you need a lot of vocabulary. he cultural mix has produced a very rich vocabulary


        Welcome! Learning is fun, I'm sure you'll do well, so long as you stick with it. Tips? A few ...

        • Take written notes -- on paper; something about writing makes things stick in the brain more. What you will want to note will vary over time.

        • Remember that the pronunciation in practice sometimes differs from DuoLingo's, which is generated by computer (Amazon Web Service's Polly service). You see a lot of complaints that DuoLingo's pronunciation is too formal. I like Youtube video's by Anil Mahato. Some of these are lessons on particular language topics. He also has videos showing conversations which are really interesting.

        • Remember that in many places in India -- and you see this in Indian films too -- there is a mix of English words with Hindi. Indian friends have told me for example that many people say "thanks" instead of "धन्यवाद", for example. A co-worker of mine says that although she knows the word "सेब" but grew up in Mumbai saying "apple".

        • Find a Hindi partner to speak with, when you feel you're ready. It's really helpful. I'm still trying to get over my stage fright with my friends who speak Hindi, but they're very encouraging.

        • DuoLingo is short and doesn't provide a lot of vocabulary. You'll need to find other sources of vocabulary ti supplement DuoLingo. Once you have some basic vocabulary and grammar from working with DuoLingo, you can read other sources -- children's books, online newspapers or blogs, etc. -- and use a tool like Google translate to look up words you don't know. This will go slow and that's okay.

        Best of luck!


        Hindi is very simple language

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          I hope to experience it like that!


          You can chat with me I am native hindi speaker

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            That would be nice when I can form sentences. Right now I'm still at the alphabet


            No problem once you feel confident do let me know


            Msramlal, hi' I am in the same predicament as yourself. Wish you all the best


            I am from Trinidad and Tobago I attend Hindi class once a week and use Duolingo have a few Hindi books and I write down sentences that I find hard to grasp I am doing the reverse Hindi tree currently

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